If at all you are interested in guitar or piano lessons, please do not hesitate to email me on joshuajeganthomas@yahoo.com.  I teach all kinds of Guitar – Classical, Acoustic and Electric, and am happy to teach grades or just lessons for enjoyment and fun. Also, Piano – I’m also happy to teach the ABRSM syllabus or just fun pieces for the instrument. Please do get in touch.



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4 responses to “Lessons.

  1. imogennn

    i left a comment 🙂
    \nice weby 🙂

  2. joshthomasguitar

    cheers. x

  3. Hi Josh
    You move fast! I like it but it’s only the start. Below is a link to an excellent blog on how to do all this stuff as you beautifully described it! If you start now you’ll have thousands tuning-in to you before long!


    • joshthomasguitar

      thanks very much Mark.
      yeah i move fast, its the eagerness you see, haha 🙂
      Well thats the goal, but my main aim is just to get better at guitar improve technique e.t.c.
      and thanks very much for the link, ill keep you posted on how its all going.
      cheers, and thanks for last night.

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