Here some Ensembles I play in. 😀

Corinium Players Guitar Ensemblecoriniumplayers.org.uk – We are a group of 39 Classical Guitarists of beginner, intermediate and advanced playing ability with a Performance group who perform at many local events in around Gloucestershire. Every year we play in a concert at the Sundial Theatre, in the past we have played with fellow Guitarists such as Gary Ryan, Eden/Stell Guitar Duo, The Segovia trio and this year we will be joined by the Appasionata Trio. All infomation about our concerts is  the website.

Josh/Nathan Guitar Duo – joshnathanguitar.wordpress.com – This Guitar Duo consist of me (Josh Thomas) and my cousin Nathan Selladurai. We are currently just doing our own arrangements of pieces, such as Canon in D by Pachabell, Rondo Rodeo by Gary Ryan, Misirou by The Richter/Uzur Duo and at the moment we working on an arrangement of Kashmir by The Richter/Uzur Duo but originally buy Led Zeppelin. You can see some of our videos on ou website.


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